Escape Game through Heidelberg for kids

Operation Mindfall (Kids)

Heidelberg is the target of SPIDERTECH who are trying to manipulate people with a dangerous virus. As a young team of agents, only you can face the threat and save the city in this gripping children’s escape game through Heidelberg. Prove that you are a real secret agent and earn your agent ID.

How the kids tour works

Our Outdoor Escape Games through Heidelberg work in a similar way to a conventional Escape Room, which means you have to find clues and solve puzzles as well. However, you will not be locked in a room, but will be out and about with your team. At the beginning you receive an iPad, which then leads you from one puzzle to the next via GPS tracking. You can enter the solution directly into the iPad and the next spot will be displayed. You have to reach this spot in order to start the next task.

The tour can also be played by families with children up to 14 years. You can experience a real adventure on a family outing in Heidelberg.