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Hotel Alter Ritter

The hotel next to the Holy Spirit Church was one of the few houses in Heidelberg to survive the destruction in the Palatinate War of Succession. This late Renaissance building was erected in 1592 by order of Charles Belier, a Huguenot who had emigrated from France. The knightly figure of St. George at the top gave the house its name.

Task: Hotel guest

Over the centuries important personalities and strange characters have lived here. At this moment there is an unusual guest staying here, can you guess who is doing strange things in his room. What is going on there?

You can use the enclosed plan and testimonies of witnesses to determine in which room the unusual guest is staying.

Witness 1: „As I was walking down the corridor to enter my room with the gentleman, I saw strange lights shining under a door.“

Witness 2: „I live in the room on the left with the Capricorn below and I heard eerie noises from one of the surrounding rooms.“

Witness 3: „I live upstairs in the hotel. On my way straight up to my room, a strange smell came up my nose.“

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