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Stumbling stones

Stumbling stones are small memorial stones that lay in the pavement in front of the former homes of NS victims. The names and dates reference to the fate of the respective victim are engraved in the 10 by 10 cm brass plates.The stones have been laid since 1996 as an initiative of local citizens in collaboration with the artist Gunter Demnig. More than 28,000 such stones have been laid in more than 600 communities in Germany and neighboring countries.

Task: Discussion

Since March 2008 there has been an initiative of citizens who have been working to have stumbling stones laid in commemoration in Heidelberg as well. Nowadays 152 Stumbling Stones commemorate citizens who were persecuted, expelled and murdered during the Nazi era. The stones commemorate Jews, homosexuals, politically persecuted, Jehovah’s Witnesses among others.

Do you have something in your country like the stumbling stones to remember such terrible events and to admonish people that something like this will never happen again? Please tell the group if you know something similar.

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